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About Us Blog Why Printer & Paper Are Still Important In Houston Pt 2

5 Advantages Of Printed Materials

Part 2

5. Paper Is Personal

Reading entails using your sense of sight, but doing it on paper incorporates another of your body's senses – the sense of touch. Print media provides a more personalized interaction for businesses between its employees, partners, and consumers. Unlike online graphics that bombard your senses with an array of message formats, print media is in an unrivaled league of its own. It can stand tall as a robust and effective communication platform. You cannot delete a document in your hands as you would on your computer. Let's appreciate that you could put down the paper, tear it up, toss it into a dustbin, and walk away; however, it is an action that you must think about carefully before executing. Having a printed document in your hand subconsciously has you saying, "this needs my attention," and will have you engaging other senses. You see it and are touching it, and the two can provoke you to respond accordingly.

Are We Ready For The Digital Age To Take Over?

With much of the working generation being the baby boomers who still relish reading books, newspapers, magazines, and getting bills and letters via traditional mail, it is evident that not everyone looks forward to the digital age. We cannot overlook this generation that finds digital screens overpowering and dull. That also means you should review your marketing strategies if this is your target consumer demographic. Some organizations prefer paper copies like purchase orders, invoices, and receipts over digital formats when transacting business. Having something tangible does have a sense of security.

Household Print Needs

Printers are not an office mainstay; they also can be used at home. Having digital copies of photos in a selection of albums that a person can scroll through indefinitely is fine but might not be everyone's cup of tea. Printing and framing the pictures to hang them on the walls is a far better way of enjoying the captured memorable moments. You also can use your home printer to print labels for your books, boarding passes for the airport, birthday invitations, lecture notes, or other personal needs. We are transitioning into the digital age that offers different ways of conducting business with less demand for paper. However, the need for paper also seems to be higher than ever. Paper is cheap, straightforward, and a convenient solution with multiple uses. It also makes us feel good. You will need a quality printer and reams of paper on hand because you never know when you will need to print something, whether for business or pleasure.