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Safeguarding Against Printer Security Concerns With Advanced Business Copier

Data security often conjures thoughts of computer firewalls and passwords, but the fact is that print security can be just as important when it comes to protecting the integrity of your information. Print environments that lack substantial safety measures can pose a genuine threat to your enterprise, and you may not even realize it.

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Trio Of Primary Dangers

In order to ensure that your firm's data is safe, you must acknowledge the existence of risk. Following are the three most notable dangers, as described by true authorities on print security.


The network is the hub of virtually all that goes on in your business realm, and it is likely that you have already taken steps to keep it secure. But, with modern multifunction printers now on the scene that are able to link into that network, a host of other dangers have arisen of which you must stay aware.

Computer Hard Drives

Are you aware of the fact that whenever a document is copied or printed on a multifunction machine, the printer saves a copy of that item on its hard drive? Thus, all data remains within the hardware, even after the fact. To make certain this does not pose issues down the road, always delete completed jobs from the machine, and if the printer is to be returned to the vendor, secure guarantees that data will be wiped before any reselling can occur.

Documents Left Unattended

While the majority of risk related to multifunction printers are technology-related, the final one discussed here is rudimentary indeed. Documents that are printed or copied and left to sit on or near the machine can easily fall under unintended pairs of eyes. To steer clear of this concern, require employees to stay at the machine until their print or copy job is complete. To discover more on the topic of print security issues or wish to gain additional tips on safeguarding multifunction printers in Houston Texas, feel free to get in touch by giving us a call at or contacting Advanced Business Copiers right away.