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About Us Blog Some Fun Facts About The History Of Stationery

Interesting Facts About Office Stationery

Office stationery i.e papers, pencils, pens, staplers, etc. are used on a daily basis, either at home or at the office. They are indeed, useful items that help us go about our daily tasks. However, what most people overlook when it comes to these products is how they were created and their history. There are several interesting facts about stationery items that you may not be aware of and in this brief post, we are going to mention several interesting ones.

  • Thousands of years ago, the Chinese eunuch Cai Lun created the first papermaking process. This was during the 2nd century.
  • A BIC pen can write for up to 2KM- that is because the ballpoint pen has adequate ink to produce writing of up to such a distance.
  • About 88 percent of highlighter sales come from the yellow highlighter. That’s because yellow is in the visible light’s middle spectrum and thus works for individuals with color blindness. This is ideally one of the reasons that yellow is the most popular color.
  • Pencils are used in space. I bet you did not know that astronauts utilize pencils to take notes. That’s because many ballpoints are unable to function upside down.
  • Post-It Notes were invented by accident. This was as a result of an experiment to create a strong adhesive. After failure, the substance was repurposed to stick temporarily while not damaging the surface it stuck to.
  • Paperclips were used by the Norwegian resistors in World War II. The resistors would wear the clips on their lapels to show their resistance to the Nazi.
  • The first stapler was made for King Louis XIV. In fact, every stapler that was utilized by the king of France in the 18th century was inscribed with the royal court insignia.
  • Glue sticks were inspired from lipstick. The inventor of the glue stick noticed a lady applying lipstick and realized that it was easy to twist up. This led to the development of the glue sticks that we use today.
  • The first pens were utilized in 4000BC and the Egyptians first used them to write on papyrus. In fact, the pen is way older than paper.
  • The first eraser. Before pencils had an eraser, stale bread was utilized to erase pencil marks.

It is really surprising that stationery has all these interesting facts and history, some going back to the ancient civilizations. These everyday products have distinct and interesting facts that most people did not know about. We use these supplies both at home, at the office and even in schools. They enable us to do various tasks like writing, drawing, binding, printing, etc. For those who are on the search for office solutions or the best multifunction printers Houston has to offer, you should consider Advanced Business Copier. Whether it is office supplies or document management, they provide comprehensive office solutions. Get a free quote by calling us today!