The #1 Business Copiers, Office Furniture & Hardware Installation In Dyersdale, TX

The #1 Business Copiers, Office Furniture & Hardware Installation In Dyersdale, TX

Best IT Service Company In Dyersdale, Texas


Driven by Technology, Powered by the real experts to manage your business documents!

Our Services


If you need a cost-efficient, reliable, secure and effective way to have your documents managed, then we are here for you. We would love to manage your documents!


We have been the main suppliers of Copystar Kyocera, Hewlett Packard, Intimus, and Muratec systems in Houston from 1992. Our product which is of high quality include Color or B/W stand alone and desktop MFP’s (Multi-Function Printers), scanners, shredders, and wide-format printers.


Much as you would prefer to manage your own business, we are the best at hand to manage the documents. With us, the work will flow in an effective, and secure manner.


Apart from providing a full local area network coverage by installing and configuring, we also extend to the providing of wireless network solutions for all the corporates, small business, and home office clients.


The analysis of new hardware/networking equipment needs is always done by the Advanced Business Copiers. These experts can also make use of existing hardware equipment for them to come up with clear equipment recommendations. Our professionals also do thorough installation and configuration processes on any PC-based system(s) and peripheral. Through our experience, we always ensure our clients take on the right decisions.  Among other equipment’s provided by our industry include Best Color, B/W MFP and Printers.

About Us

We have been in service since 1992, our clients are happy to get the best from Advanced Business Copiers as their exceptional services are far beyond the normal expectations. The company also has a dedicated and talented team of experts.

Our Mission


We deliver beyond the expectations of our clients, our services speak on our behalf.


With a   relentless working spirit, we always provide our customers with the best home service experience with a real difference.


Our Services always exceed what we actually get paid for, we give the best.


We live better, for everyone, through volunteer service and also support local charity organizations.


We deliver exclusive customer service to all our clients and our employees too.


Apart from delivering good services to all our clients, we also take care of the personal endeavors of our employees.

As Copystar Service Solution Provider (SSP) Dealer, we have a highly certified service staff that sums up the Copystar’s best level of technical solutions expertise. They quickly respond to your service needs and alert you any potential future risks in prior. Hence they keep your business running smoothly.

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