Effective Commercial Printers, Multi-Functional Printers & Hardware Installation In Karen, TX

Effective Commercial Printers, Multi-Functional Printers & Hardware Installation In Karen, TX



About us

We lease printers and copiers at affordable prices including the toner and ink. We also carry out maintenance services and repair of any broken or damaged office equipment.

Our services

Rental, you do not have to raise capital to lease their copiers and printers. We offer clients with replacement tools such that anytime they are conducting repairs to your machine your work will still continue as usual. The lease of our products is at low and affordable prices so that you can have all your work done at your comfort.

Quality customer care

Once you contact us for any problem, the technical team of experts respond positively and quite fast. The technicians are trained to always handle your needs fast so that they can provide that solution you need and you achieve success in your business through printing, scanning and photocopying.


We have quality printers which you can hire or buy. These include multi-functional inkjet printers and copiers, this is used for colored documents and production of photos. MFP laser copier and printers, this is suitable for use in the production of a large number of documents and it is very fast hence can be used in the busy institutions and businesses.

MFP printers and copiers network is used to connect Wi-Fi, Ethernet so as to print emails or texts. Customers hire multifunctional copiers and printers for personal use or institution which cannot afford to purchase the machine.


If it happens that you are in Karen and it’s environs and your copiers and printers are disappointing you when it comes to producing documents you should look out for these Houston multi-purpose printers and copiers explain to them your challenges and they will assist.

With our latest printers and copiers, you can be able to scan documents, fax and copy at the same time without having to interfere with any activity. This could see you increase your income in your investment and attract even more customers since all work is performed quite fast without any delays. You can upgrade by hiring this equipment for months or years depending on your desires. They have internet connectivity and a touchscreen.


If you happen to have either a big, small or medium sized business the professionals have a solution for your printing needs. We provide you with suitable printers which can be able to handle your workload to increase the production of documents hence more customers.


Whether you need brand new equipment or you want to have yours repaired or to lease the one you can visit our offices at Merwin street number 22 or call us on (832) 388-9523. We are always there and ready to assist you.