Effective Multifunctional Printers, Printer Repair Service & Business Printers In New Waverly, TX

Effective Multifunctional Printers, Printer Repair Service & Business Printers In New Waverly, TX



About us

This business is locally owned and operated, it was founded in 1992, our role is to provide services and products related to copiers and printers around New Waverly. Some of the machines that we service include Samsung, Xerox, brothers and Hewlett Packard (HP) among so many others. We sell new products and reassemble toners and ink drums.


Whether you operate at home privately with the need for small capacity equipment or your work involves a large number of paper and documents printing, you will have your needs settled. We have copiers, printers, fax and multifunctional tools. Depending on your budget you can be able to get that machine which has been slightly used or a new one if you desire.


We sell machines which has been built and special software installed so as to grow with the increasingly demanding technology. All machines have internet connectivity and consume minimum power, so you would not have to complain of increased power bills due to prolonged use of printers or copiers.


All our machines from the manufacturing companies have to be fully inspected from the inside to outer parts so as to assure the buyer that whatever products they buy are safe and ready for use. Before selling these machines we have to clean them and replace any missing item and repair the broken parts so that they can serve your needs for a long period of time.


If it happens that your warranty has expired or you have got that printer or copier which is not functioning due to a fault, you can always bring it to us since we have qualified technicians who have a lot of knowledge in handling printers and copiers and you will have it repaired and you go home with it. If you need a toner cartridge and you feel your finances cannot afford you buy a new one, you have a visit to our offices and you will be able to buy that refurbished toner which has had it’s ink replaced and tested. This second-hand toner would last you long just closer to a new one hence you will have worked for quite some time and have settled to buy a new one without hustle.


To any product that you buy from us, you should know that it comes with a warranty of a maximum of ninety days. What you are required to do is keep a record of the receipt that you were given during buying and in case it breaks down or needs some repairs you can bring it back to us and have it repaired or replaced with another one free of charge.


For any advice or help you can call or send a message on 281-583-7555.