The Expert of Multifunctional Printers, Commercial Printers & Business Copiers In Woodloch, TX

The Expert of Multifunctional Printers, Commercial Printers & Business Copiers In Woodloch, TX



About us

It is a business which has been operating for the past several years. We deal in repairing of copiers and printers and carry out maintenance practice to their customer either small or large scale firms. We also upgrade the old machines to have network connectivity which could be used to improve business operations.


Our team is made up of qualified computer analyst and professionals with high-quality technical skills in handling copiers and printers. They provide excellent service whenever they are repairing your office equipment and they use high-quality materials which do not have to breakdown every now and then.

Why you should hire us

Our determination is to provide incomparable service to all customers both in private and public entities. Our mission, work for you to have a better understanding of what your needs are and meeting the required solution. We are very much aware that your business requires high-quality machines so as to increase the rate of production. Whenever you order for a repair we use brand new spare parts to increase the durability of the equipment.

Authorized dealer

We provide printers and copiers to customers at affordable prices to cater to your needs. Once you contact us and order that machine you prefer we always ensure delivering it right from the manufacturer, hence you are aware that it was not tampered with in any way or mishandled. If it happens you cannot afford to pay the full amount of money during time of purchase, we allow you to sign a lease whereby you pay the money in installments. No matter your financial status we offer up to date equipment depending on what you prefer.


When you contact us about a certain machine we tell you the exact prices. So if you are budgeting for the equipment you do not have to incur any extra unexpected costs or hidden payments. The workers are honest and clear on every detail that they inform the customers so as to create a long lasting relationship and best services.


Here is a list of some of the items that you can be aware to get from Houston Copier and Printers leasing. Epson WF- C 20590, it prints both black and white documents and can print a maximum of one hundred sheets per minute. It conducts two sided scanning and it is sold at three years warranty. Epson WF-C 869 R, it is used for printing colored documents and has a capacity of 1,830 sheets. It has internet connectivity and pins to use whenever accessing it.


If you want to downgrade or improve your service by purchasing that big copier or printer you can call us on 832-388-9523 or visit our offices which are located at Westheimer road suite 278 in Houston.