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About Us Blog A Guide For Choosing The Right Printer In Houston Pt 1

What Type Of Printer Will Do I Need?

Part 1

Most people find purchasing a new printer a daunting task. The sheer number of options available makes it doubly hard to choose the one that's right for your needs. Fortunately, this guide was written for people like you in mind, and let's see if we can take the guesswork out of choosing! Perhaps the easiest way to narrow down your printer options is to consider your actual needs. Here is a quick list of different applications and the printer types that are ideal for them:

Casual Printing

For home printing needs, a basic laser printer is more than sufficient for your needs. They have the capacity to handle small printing jobs and have the ability to print in color. In the past, inkjet printers were the number one choice for home printing needs, but laser printers have become portable and economical.

Work Printing

Printing needs for your office are vastly different from your home printing needs. You will greatly benefit from a high-capacity laser printer as it can print continuously without pause. Most importantly, you can select from a multi-function or single-function printer. A multi-function printer allows you to perform other office tasks such as faxing, copying, scanning, and of course, printing. If your business does occasionally require colored brochures or documents, a separate laser printer can help get the job done.

Student Printing

For schoolwork, students only require a very basic laser printer with minimal output. They are more affordable in terms of upkeep than their inkjet counterparts and they're highly reliable.

Crafty Printing

Inkjet printers are the best choice for printing colored images. It is important not to choose cheaply made inkjet printers as they're costly considering they use lots of ink and constantly require new cartridges. Ultimately, by not spending the money up front for better quality, you will pay for it later when you need a constant stream of cartridges. Epson and Canon are the most highly recommended brands in this category, but make sure to choose a model that has no less than 6 ink pots. Below, we will help you further look into your options. After all, perhaps your needs aren't easily pinned down by choosing just one category. If that's the case, keep reading!

Is A Multi-Function Printer A Better Investment?

If you know that you'll only ever use your printer for printing school work, documents, or things on the Internet, a single-function printer is more than adequate. However, a multi-function printer is an ideal choice if you know you will use its many capabilities such as copying, scanning, or faxing. In fact, you really get more for your money with this type of printer in the long haul. Call or contact Advanced Business Copier today for more information.