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About Us Blog A Guide For Choosing The Right Printer In Houston Pt 2

What Type Of Printer Will Do I Need?

Part 2

Will You Need To Print In Color?

For printing a steady stream of documents, a laser printer is considered a genuine workhorse. It has the ability to run endless pages. On the other hand, for more creative endeavors that require colored printing, an inkjet printer for the occasional photo is a good investment. However, replacement cartridges that are of good quality can cost a pretty penny. Having said that, inkjet printers for colored prints are only reasonable to operate cost-effectively for small volumes. Laser printers aren't just wonderful for printing documents, but they produce amazing high-definition colored images when the right model is selected. In fact, they are smudge-proof in their printing and they are highly cost-effective when you need a large amount of colored printing done. At the end of the day, inkjet printers are easily the most expensive option. Though they have the ability to deliver precision colored prints, the replacement cartridges are expensive and don't last long. Laser printers are built to handle large volumes and they print much quicker than inkjet printers. Additionally, they can last a long time and deliver precision in all of their prints. What if you need to print different types of media? If you do, an inkjet printer can print virtually any sized paper and it can also handle fabric as well. You can find the types of paper your printer will accept by perusing the manual.

Further Things To Take Into Consideration

  • An inkjet printer is perfect if you only need to print colored images on rare occasions.
  • A laser printer is perfect for high-resolution print jobs and for regular document printing.
  • If you require high-resolution quality printed images for work, a professional inkjet printer is a great option. However, make sure you look at the pricing for replacement cartridges.
  • Do you need to print on many different types of paper? Fortunately, an inkjet printer can handle them all!

What Are The Operational Costs Associated With Your Selected Printer?

First and foremost, don't let yourself get easily tricked into buying a cheap and shiny new printer. There's great potential for wasting money and spending more on operating your cheap printer than had you budgeted well for something a bit more expensive. Perhaps the most profound cost associated with any type of printer is the cartridges. Some cartridges do last longer than others, and certain brands will also have prefilled cartridges available for sale. However, make it a point to purchase your cartridges from the same brand your printer is. Cheap cartridges will often do more harm than good to your printer, and they can shorten its lifespan. It is also important to focus on the actual capacity of the cartridge. Usually, they will give you an estimate of how many pages you can print using the new cartridge. Contact us today or call us now if you are planning to buy a new business printer.