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About Us Blog Top Workflow Problems - How Houston Printers & Tactics Can Fix Them

Top Workflow Problems: Printers in Houston & Other Tactics To Help Out

Is work becoming a challenging proposition? Is it impossible to look past potential issues that are causing trouble? It's something millions of people deal with. Workplace requirements will require a lot out of you and that's why it's important to work efficiently. If you're not fast in this day and age, you're going to be left behind. However, a lot of the work being put in is useless. It's all down to unnecessary procedures and inefficient technology that gets in the way. Instead of letting things stay as they are, why not make upgrades and start improving on the problems? It's all about making these changes and noticing a positive difference in your bottom line. Employees who are put in this position tend to feel suffocated and that's something numerous studies have indicated. The studies state workplaces put a lot of pressure on their employees and those who find workarounds are the ones who succeed. However, this also means the business and its standards aren't upheld. Those who take the initiative by reconfiguring systems are also taking out time from their schedule to make the changes. This is wasteful and not good for the business or the employee. However, it's possible to take a look at some of the common workflow problems and solve them in minutes.

Problem #1: Poorly Integrated Systems

According to studies, over 80% of all business-related systems are poorly integrated and don't work well with each other. Your internal systems have to gel as a unit and work like one to provide meaningful results. This is why document tracking becomes challenging and controlling the business is near impossible. Employees should not be roaming around looking to retype information when it can be put into a well-integrated system once. Solution: The solution is easy for this one. You should be looking to establish a world-class document management system that is customized for the business. It's going to have software that's able to track everything that's put in. The company will be able to reduce a lot of its challenges by doing this.

Problem #2: Hiring Remote Teams for Collab Work

According to studies, employees are telecommuting at least twice a month and this number is rising. Business studies are stating most of their workforce is going to become remote by 2020. This also means businesses don't mind hiring people from far away regions because it's easy to do so. This lets them bring in great talent that's not local to the area. However, this also means sharing information is a challenge. Solution: The solution for this is to use video conferencing software along with collaborative software. These are applications made for the purpose of collab work and will work well in bringing everything together. There should also be a seamless cloud network that's used to upload key graphics, documents, and spreadsheets associated with a project. This should remain accessible to everyone.

Problem #3: Too Many Meetings

Most employees believe 50% of their meetings are useless and businesses end up paying for these meetings. It's smarter to work on noting these meetings and why they're not working out. In fact, these meetings are costing around $37 Billion USD per year across the board in salaries. Solution: Keep it simple and get rid of the meetings. Work on a "need to know" system that lets specific people get knowledge on the go. Only deal with important decision-makers and let them process the rest of the information. it is also smart to set up cloud-based documents everyone can access on Google Drive. This way people already have the information that's supposed to be provided during a meeting. It saves time and effort.

Problem #4: Long Processing Times for Invoices

Invoices aren't straightforward and that cuts into the employee's time. There are too many paper-based systems that are slow and inefficient based on modern standards. It's smarter to go with something that takes care of this with one click. Solution: Use a multifunctional printer and ensure all invoices are scanned in one go. It shouldn't take long to have the invoices ready. Of course, it's best to have someone well-versed with using the printer for this purpose! This is why looking into the best printers for sale Houston has to offer is vital. A digitized system is going to make things easier and will also help accountants during tax season. It will get rid of manual errors and start to illustrate potential trends in sales.

Problem #5: Information Is Hard To Locate

Imagine being an employee and having to rush through endless folders in order to find a particular document or presentation. It is a waste of time and effort to do this when it can all be stored in one spot. This is what a quality software solution can do. It becomes even more hectic if there's a problem in the system itself. Everything is better when it is organized. This is why the system should be up-to-date and looked after at all times. It is also good to have quality tech in place so it doesn't come to this down the road. Solution: The best solution is to have a robust online solution that is shared and accessible for everyone. These changes don't take a long time to implement and are going to be game-changing for any business.     For more information and updates, check our blogs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 281-397-7429