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How Multifunction Printers In Houston Can Be Protected From Security Risks

Whenever you consider data security, most likely you think about things like firewalls and passwords and not multifunction printer Houston. There is another important aspect of security that is essential for you to remember: print security. Your company can be at great risk if your print environment is not protected properly.

Three Major Risks

The very first step that you need to take towards ensuring that your printers, your data and your company are fully protected is to understand what risks you are faced with. The following is a close look at three of the major risks that our printer experts say you need to be aware of.


Your network is actually critical to nearly everything that occurs at your company. It has probably been a part of your daily activities for so long that you know exactly how it needs to be protected. However, multifunction printers now connect to networks, so this has brought on new threats that need to be accounted for to maintain total security for your network.

Hard Drives:

Were you aware that, whenever you copy or print a document, that the document is retained on the hard drive of a multifunction printer? What that means is that all of the information is still inside the printer. To make sure that doesn't turn into a problem for you, make sure you delete completed prints off the device, and if you need to return your printer to the vendor for any reason, be sure to get a guarantee that any data still on the device will get deleted from its hard drive completely.

Unattended documents:

Many of the security risks today are high-tech in nature. However, this is fairly basic and dangerous as well. If a document gets printed and then is left in the print tray, there is a risk that the document could get into the wrong hands. In order to avoid the problem, get print security strategies implemented that include policies where employees are required to stay at the device until the print job is complete. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a multifunction printer for your business or the potential security threats and how to keep your multifunction printer Houston protected, call us or contact us today!