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About Us Blog Understanding The Lifespan Of A Houston Business Printer Pt 1

5 Warning Signs Of A Dying Printer In Houston

Part 1

The average lifespan of an office printer is around 3 years and slightly longer if it is well taken care of. It would thus be advisable to start shopping around for a replacement printer if the current one is close to its end of life or seems to be misbehaving. Many business owners and managers, however, choose to hold on to the old printer even when it shows signs of dying. While many choose to ignore the tale-tell signs of a dying printer, some do not have a clue when/if they should get rid of the aging printer. After all, why would you get rid of a printer that seems to be working properly? You may ask. While it might seem prudent to hold onto your printer a bit longer, doing so might prove to be a costly affair in the long run. Many printers will start malfunctioning a few years after the specified lifespan, with many manufactures choosing to end support for the same. Any continued use of the said printer attracts a myriad of problems, ranging from regular downtimes, broken parts, high maintenance and repair costs, and heavy energy consumption, to name but a few. According to research, the cost of keeping an old printer running and repair costs can be 3 times the price of a new, more efficient printer. The frequent downtimes, increasing cost of printing, and time wasted (due to slow printing times and downtimes) can quickly overtake all other business expenses. You will thus be wasting resources and money should you choose to hold on to the old printer. But how do you know it’s time to switch to a new printer? Here are 5 warning signs that show it's time to get a new printer.

1. Lack Of Updated/Built-In Security Features

Most printer manufacturers will stop support for printers that have reached their end of life. This means you will no longer receive security updates that enable your printer to run more efficiently, as well as protect you from cyber threats. Running an old printer in your office and on your network only increases the risk of getting hacked. Hackers can easily manipulate old and outdated soft wares to gain access to your company network and files. Newer printers also come equipped with the latest security features, more capable hardware, and software that protects you from such unauthorized incidences. You should thus consider upgrading your printer if the current setup lacks any of the security features outlined below:

  • Password Protected Scanning: This feature is meant to only allow authorized employees to use the printer. The manager can thus choose to restrict document access and printing to trusted employees only. Most older generation printers, especially MFPs (multi-function printers), lack this feature.
  • Authentication: This feature is meant to protect your documents and data from unauthorized access. In other words, the employee will be required to enter a PIN before they can print a document (with sensitive info). This also prevents one from leaving documents in the paper tray.
  • Print Encryption: This feature works almost like a VPN; it ensures data sent within the business network to the printer is encrypted. It is designed to keep hackers from hijacking data routes to the printer.

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