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About Us Blog What To Look At When Upgrading Your Houston Copier Continued

Top 5 Reasons For Upgrading Your Office Copier For Your Houston Business Part II

Some additional features include the following:

Directly scan to network or email folders.

Before having that ability, it took time to get the document scanned, store it on either a portable USB drive or drive, and return to your desktop computer to write an email and then send it. These days it can be done directly at your MFP if it has the feature and if the device has been properly configured by your IT department.

Convert it to Microsoft Word.

The feature has diminished the data entry and word processing entry. MFPs are able to scan a document, are able to recognize all types that are on the page, type in all the characters, and directly save it to a Microsoft Word document.

Convert into a PDF.

The option is a great time saver. As quickly as your copier is able to scan a document, it is able to save to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file for distributing to anybody for easy access and viewing.

File Encryption.

Being able to scan as well as encrypt file enables you to completely control of who is able to use and view the file after your MFP is converted from paper into digital format. That is a very valuable feature for medical and legal users so that they are able to protect their clients' financial and personal information.

Access Control.

The feature provides businesses with many efficiencies, including limited access to to using the machine, which allows authorized users only to access your devices (which eliminates use by visitors on devices that are in open areas), and reduce the costs through predetermining which users are able to use color printing which throughout volume runs can be expensive.

3. Enhanced Cybersecurity

One of the most critical things that you need to focus on is to make sure your business is kept safe and secure. Having your business hacked, is the absolute worst, where you could potentially lose your confidential and valuable business documents and information. Newer office copies have security features that are more improved that are designed for preventing unauthorized usage. Also included are security features that protector encrypt data that is stored on the hard drive of your device. You never can be "too safe" from dangerous online hackers.

4. Eliminate Or Reduce How Many Service Calls You Have

Does it feel like your employees or you are continuously having to call your copier repair service in order to get your broken office copier fixed? Are you fed up with how many calls you have to make every month? The older that your office copier happens to be, the more problems and issues your staff and you will be presented with. Particularly if your business scans, copies, and prints in high volume. Previously, we discussed copier maintenance and how although you may have taken very good care of your office copier that doesn't mean that it will last forever and still perform in the best ways that you need it to. If you have to deal with an inefficient or broken officer copier all the time and need to wait for the service repair technician to show up to repair it, then it is time for you to upgrade your copier.

5. Business Growth

Your successful business over the years has most likely grown, and you probably have had more employees join your team and you. Employee growth provides higher production volumes for everything that is in your office and document flow and print jobs are no exceptions. That means that your employees and are most likely copying, scanning, and printing more than ever. Your office copier may not be able to keep up with all of the tasks the way that it used to. In terms of production, your business isn't the same place that it was ten years ago, which it makes it difficult for your office copier to be able to keep up with the business and newer times at your company. An article was published by Entrepreneur that we think you may want to read called Upgrading Your IT Equipment. Although it may appear to be more specific to IT hardware, this article provides even more information at the right time for upgrading your office equipment as well as the reasons for why you should. It is definitely a big decision to upgrade your office copier. However, the benefits from doing it can increase productivity significant and reduce how much time your employees and you have to waste on dealing with a copier that is broken. Contact us today or call us now if you have any questions on what to look for when upgrading your copier.