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Getting The Most From Your Print Drivers

Getting The Most From Your Print Drivers


Are Printer Drivers Actually Driving You Nuts? Learn How To Get The Most You Can From Your Print Drivers!

Part One Of Three

It’s another day of sitting in the office. Your department has just spent a lot of money on a huge new copier, and yet, you’re having a hard time getting the thing to actually work. You know it has a hole puncher somewhere in it, but you can’t get it to punch any holes for you. It could be the new copier is actually fine, as the issue might be that you’re not actually configuring your print driver properly.

I’ll walk you through print drivers for Xerox and HP devices, since these are the brands which we’re qualified to discuss, and show you everything that you can do with them. Other manufacturers shouldn’t be all that different from the following examples.

HP Print Drivers

The Advanced Tab

The Advanced Menu Tab happens to be the very first one when looking at your options when going from left to right. This is where you can pick the number of copies that you’d like printed, change your page order, and set up other advanced document and color options.

The Image Color Management section is what lets you pick your preferences in terms of color management. You are able to turn this advanced feature off by using ICM Disabled. If you’d like the computer to determine the color, then choose ICM Handled by the Host System. Alternatively, you can use ICM Handled by the Printer Using Printer Settings or ICM Handled by the Printer so that the copier or printer itself determines your color settings. In most cases, this particular feature will be disabled, although the prints should actually look fine without having it enabled. It should get activated anytime that you need perfect colors, such as advertising or marketing, but routine or daily office printing isn’t going to be hurt with this being off. This tab will also give you a handful of PostScript Options allowing better vector printing, should you need to configure that.

To save a bit on color cost, it’s possible to enable Print All Text as Black. That will avoid a full-color cost page if one word happens to be printed in blue, for instance. Under this is where you can pick if you’d like it to print on Alternative Letterhead Mode or even change the particular printing order, where it might go back to front instead of front to back.

The Printing Shortcuts Tab

The Printing Shortcuts Tab is a tab that the driver can open. This is usually a pretty straightforward menu that gets used a lot. Along the right side, you’re able to choose things like your paper size, the paper source which is the specific tray the printer pulls its paper from, how many pages you’d like to print on every page (single is standard, but you can print things out as multiple PowerPoint slides on each page), whether you want the document to be single-sided or double-sided, the page orientation, and the paper type, like standard paper, card stock, etc.

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